Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Christmas Woodland Animals

I couldn't resist these guys and I already have them out! I love the detailing of these whimsical animals. They can be used inside the home, which I am doing. I think they would look way cute around the Christmas tree. On the other hand you could use them outside to decorate your front porch! Anyway if you get a chance check out our Christmas Woodland Animals customers have been taking them home for the holidays! I guess you could say I am already in that Christmas spirit! I drive Mr. Ford nuts by listening to Christmas music starting November 1st, sometimes earlier... I'm eagerly waiting for the XM Christmas music channel! Last year I started a Christmas movie collection that I thought would be a fun idea for the holidays & have a couple movie days for friends & family. Christmas movies seem to hit you right in the heart but they do help instill the true meaning of Christmas! I usually need a box of tissues to get me through them all! I picked up some of my favorites & a couple of new ones today! The Christmas Shoes & The Christmas Blessing, Christmas Child, A Time To Remember, Holiday In Handcuffs & Snowglobe. These were actually double features so this saved some money! Don't forget to check back for our Pinkalicious Christmas as I will have some good sales for this Thursday!

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