Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Month Contest! Win A $50 Gift Certificate!

It is easy to enter our newest contest! We have hidden our Company's Logo somewhere on our website. All you have to do is find it, click on it and follow the directions to enter! You could be the winner of a $50 gift certificate! Winner announced February 28th 2011! Make Sure You are Signed Up For Our Newsletter!
Below is a example of the logo you will be searching for! Good Luck!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Approaching!!!

Valentine's Day is after all one of my favorite holidays! February is actually my Birthday month! My mother likes to tell me that she tried real hard to have me on Valentine's Day but I guess I just wasn't ready so I was born on February 17th. That is close enough I say!

A little about some of our new products~ At Sweetheart's Nest we strive to find new & exciting products! There is really not a whole lot of decent products on the market for Valentine's Day! I unfortunately had purchased what I thought was a really nice set of glass Valentine's Day Heart's Appetizer Trays & matching Dessert Plates that were just adorable but had to reject everyone of them because they did not meet our quality standards. That was a bit of a disappointment~ Below is some of the items I have listed on our site and a Spring & Easter item I couldn't resist listing! I think this will not last long!

One last thing we will be attending an upcoming show and I have started making out my list for our customers of items they are in search of. If there is anything that you've been trying to find drop me an email & let me know!

Here is some of our Valentine's Day Collection:
Here is one of our Valentine's Tree's that we decorated, you may see more by visiting Sweetheart's Nest Website

These Valentine's Day Towels remind me of the sweet little twitter bird!

Here is a couple of our new Spring & Easter items I couldn't resist listing!

This gorgeous Flower Basket is of a good size, great for Spring & Easter

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