Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Sweet This Is...

Today I received A Birthday surprise in the mail! Mr. Ford brought in this package & I was thinking I wasn't expecting any new inventory until tomorrow or the next day! I will let you in on this story~ several years ago I went to this gift show and saw this sweet bunny all tucked in this cute little bed I tried to convince the rep to sell it to me (sometimes in this business they will let you cash & carry) but he wouldn't give him up :( I kept telling Mr. Ford I needed the special one! So several weeks ago I came across the catalog and put it on his desk and told him I wanted one for my Birthday! Ask & you shall receive! Here in this box was that bunny, but he went one step further and had the words, "My Special One" embroidered on it! How sweet was that? Just had to share this and the pictures!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Gift Show Was A Success & Happy Valentine's Day Month!

February is actually one of my most favorite months! Mostly because it's Valentine's Day & my birthday month! Not that I am into counting Birthday's anymore they are now anniversaries! Since it is my birthday month, years ago I started a tradition called, The Birthday Month & The Birthday Week! This is where you pretty much have everything done for you & get just about anything you want by simply reminding your family "But it is my Birthday week", Take a hint everyone this is an exceptional tradition and works very well but look out when it is someone else's Birthday in the family, lol... What goes around comes around they say!

Mr. Ford & I had a great gift show experience. We were hopelessly bad and bought lots of new & exciting products for decorating your nest. I will include a few pictures in my next post to show you a small preview of what is in store for the year! You can't tell I am just a little excited...

First, to get off the subject for a moment I'm not your average magazine fanatic I am 10 times worse if you can actually imagine. I wonder if they have support groups for this??? I just had to scan this picture of our post office hard at work with this magazine, or shall I say what is left of this magazine! The part that humored me the most was the sticker they added which said: RECEIVED, POSSIBLY DAMAGED. Just for fun we decided to take this torn front page to the Post Office and request the rest of my magazine! I'm sure you can imagine what was said but all in all we had a good laugh!

Speaking of the show I have picked up a vintage hanky line that we are really excited about and a spring type of line for kids that I thought was unique & clever so I will be unveiling that later this month! You still have time to drop by our site and order one of these cute Valentine Pink Cupid Buckets by Casey Mack for the one you love!

Super Bowl is tomorrow & we are throwing a small get-together like we do every year. I don't know what you have on your menu but every year I make chili except for this year I am having Paula Deen's Taco Chili with Mix, I substitute the canned beans in place of the dry. For the bread I am making her Lady and Son's Onion Cheese Bread. Both of these recipes are a hit! One of my appetizers is just so easy but yet so good. I buy this Pepper & Onion Relish from one of beloved stores, Harry & David's. I just take a decorative plate & spread some cream cheese on it and add the relish. Then use a spreader & serve with your favorite crackers! This relish is like a sweet salsa and I am not one at all for liking my salsa sweet but this is heavenly! Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Super Bowl day!!!

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