Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Is In The Air!

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for spring! I have all these plans for my vegetable garden & the fact I can do up my cottage style garden this year! Our house has had major undertakings done on it for the past 3 years so my plants would have been destroyed. This year should be an amazing journey of color! I can't wait to bring you those pictures! Above is a picture of one of my English roses from last year!
I just sent out a new newsletter Sunday but if you haven't had a chance to read it or any of our newsletters here is a link to all of them! Our Newest one is Spring In The Country 2010 and there are some great announcements in there, including our new contest!

Here is a picture of what you can win:
Here's how to enter!


1. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter, you can do that easily by signing up on the left side of the page!

2. Send me your product suggestions. Contact us & let us know what products you would like to see on our website. We would love to hear your ideas & have the opportunity to help fulfill your search!

That is it! You will automatically be entered in our drawing for a chance to win one of our beautiful sets of our 3 Tier Ruffle Cake Stands! Winner will be announced April 30th in our newsletter! Good luck!

A Rare Find

Recently, Mr. Ford came across a hidden treasure while traveling through the tiny town of Elk, in north eastern Washington. He came across an amazing restaurant almost in the middle of nowhere. He was on his way to a meeting & noticed a beautiful log cabin style building & the parking lot was overflowing. He made note of it & went on. Mr. Ford travels a lot & so he also eats out fairly often. He is always on the lookout for a great place to eat along his way. Later in the day after his meeting, he decided to stop in & see what all the commotion was about. What he found, kind of caught him off guard. He noticed the authentic log cabin decor as he entered & walked on in & seated himself. As he looked over the menu, he was not overly enthused by the offerings, as it looked pretty much like every other deep fried menu he sees day after day in his travels. He asked about the days specials & decided to give it a try. A barbecue chicken sandwich with a choice of sides. He asks them to hold the bun & ordered a cup of soup as well. It wasn't long before the soup came out & to his amazement it was homemade! It was good & the serving was huge! Pretty soon the barbecue chicken comes out & sure as heck it was amazing as well. He is still not sure what they coated the chicken with before they sauced it, but apparently he considers it the best barbecue chicken sandwich he has ever had. As it turns out, what at first look seemed to be a run of the mill menu, actually turned out to be truly fantastic home style cooking. It seems like a long story for an above average lunch, but it really was amazing. As was the service & the building itself. The restaurant is called Grub & More. (They also carry some unique gift items) It is owned by Skipp & Ruth Snyder. They opened their doors in June of 2009. They are located at 39115 N Newport Hwy. In Elk, WA. Just 40 miles north of Spokane on Hwy 2 near Diamond Lake. You won't find crystal stemware or silver utensils, but you will find great food at a fair price in a gorgeous building.

By, A Hungry Traveler

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cupcakes & Ice Cream

We have been so busy lately getting in new products! I love my Christmas in the mail year round! I can't believe how fast the year is going by~ it is already March 1st & 299 days until Christmas! I actually start getting in products for Christmas in June & one of my all time favorite holidays~ Halloween! Below are some of the items we have received from our new cupcake & ice cream line:

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There is more available on our site so be sure to have a look under New Arrivals!

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