Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing Handmade Victorian Dolls

At Sweetheart's Nest we are excited to announce the addition of an amazing local artist to our list of suppliers, our Half-Doll Maker~Nancy!

It's been all we could do, to keep the announcement to ourselves as we anxiously awaited the arrival of the first amazing one of a kind pieces. Each piece is hand made, hand painted and even the fabric embellishments are hand made.
These are the real thing. Handmade porcelain half dolls made from original German molds. Join us in welcoming Nancy to the Sweetheart's Nest family and stop by from time to time to see the latest creations.

Artists biography:
I have always been interested in crafting heirloom pieces. While watching a cable show about silk flowers I discovered half-dolls! The fine features and delicate painting of the dolls intrigued me from the first moment I saw them. I needed more.
I began collecting immediately & soon began producing my own half-dolls.
The more I searched the more exciting it became. My search led me to a contact that provided me with the original German molds used to cast the dolls. I now have over a hundred molds & the work has taken over a major portion of my home! My three kilns are firing daily to produce heirloom quality reproductions for you to enjoy in your home! Here are just some of the exquisite dolls!

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