Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Anyone???

Winter hit us this last week, we actually had our first real snow fall to speak of! I snapped a couple pictures to show you!
I feel fortunate to even have a snow day this year! Probably will be the last one we will see but at least we had one. I am thinking I can always put in my order for more! On another note the spring products have been rolling in! Here is a sneak peek of something that should be on its way soon!

We at Sweetheart's Nest would like to congratulate our winner Ann M of Cary, North Carolina who won the Sweetheart's Nest Find The Logo Contest & won a $50 gift certificate! We hope you enjoy yourself shopping!

We have a new contest!

Name The Bunny Contest

Visit Our Contests & Events Page To Enter!

Our Victorian Bunny Is So Gorgeous It Is Hard To Decide Her Name... Will you help us give her a name? We have started a contest called~ Name The Bunny Contest! If you choose the right name you will win one of these bunnies and a $50 gift certificate to be used at Sweetheart's Nest or Holly & Glitter's websites that can also be used before the Easter holiday! So what are you waiting for! Give our sweet bunny a name! You can read more about her features, etc.. Just
click here! If that will help you decide her name! Winner of drawing will be announced April 11th, 2011!

Please make sure you follow these directions explicitly!

1. Sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already! You may sign up on the right of this page!
2. Go to the
Contact Us Page & enter her winning name!
3. Also enter your street address (make sure I have this! There have been winners I have been unable to contact by email!)

Good luck & I look forward to her new name!!
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