Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer In The Country

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I know I did! Mr. Ford made his fabulous barbecue hamburgers to start off the season! Summer is just around the corner so I predict there will be a lot more barbecues! I included a picture of some flowers I received! The scent of the star gazer lilies fragranced the whole house! Thank you Paul!We have started a new contest called Christmas In July! You can have the opportunity to win a fabulous Gift Certificate valued at $50! Our $50 Gift Certificate will get you started on some early fall & holiday shopping!

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2. As some of you know we have been working on our first cookbook for some time now & in honor of Christmas in July we are looking for some of your favorite family traditions or memories for the holiday season that we could share in our book! Contact Us & tell us about a favorite memory or a special tradition that you hold dear to your heart! You will then automatically be entered in our drawing for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate & if we use your memory or tradition in our new book you will receive a complimentary copy of it! Good luck!

Your memories or traditions can either be from your childhood or from the present time. I would love to hear from some of our overseas visitors & learn about your customs & traditions for holidays! I look forward to reading your responses!
We have been busy listing new & exciting products and here are just some of them! To see more of them check out our New Arrivals category!

Here is a sneak peak at our upcoming fall items that we already have in stock! June & July will be extremely busy months for us as the inventory for both fall & Christmas will be arriving! These items below are a couple of my personal favorites that I felt I must add to my collection of Halloween vintage decor.

I wanted to take the time to introduce to you a couple of our sweet family members that were both rescue cats. Our gray cat is Harriet that we adopted when she was 4 years old from a no kill shelter. As you can tell her previous owners slammed her tail in a door and broke it. I can't imagine the pain she endured. When they first found her they didn't even know what color she was as she had no fur. Poor thing, but now she is extremely happy & enjoy antagonizing her best friend Lacie. (It is a love-hate relationship) This is lacie, we rescued her when she was just a kitten when we moved in our house. The former owner had left these poor kittens to starve to death when he moved out. Who knows how long they were without food & water. As you can tell she is a vision of health!

I also wanted to include some before pictures of my flower garden! These are pictures of some of the areas and by looking at them you would think there is no hope! It definitely looks pretty bad. Living in Oregon we seem to get never ending rain and have not had a lot of opportunity to get outside. I can say I've had a couple days here & there. My gardening skills I must credit to my grandfather who planted vegetable gardens every year. Next to his garden I was able to plant a flower garden with seeds, complete with pathways & decorative fencing. We are very much hoping this weekend to be able to start on our vegetable garden. I have started all the seeds & Mr. Ford will be preparing the ground. Will keep you updated with my Cottage/English style & vegetable gardens with more pictures.

If you haven't had a chance to view our newest newsletter, Summer In The Country, 2010 click Here!

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