Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a very Happy Holiday! It was a little rushed for us with Mr. Ford traveling a good portion of it! However, I had a wonderful Christmas and received everything on my list! Santa was good to me and brought me a new greenhouse as you can see from the picture! Of course it did not come assembled but we will get to that in some of our spare time! Oh, by the way that is not a picture of me in the greenhouse, I don't think the white would be a good color for me!
I am very excited to get it up and get my vegetable garden and flowers started. We had lost our 100 foot greenhouse in January 2009 when a heavy snow & ice storm hit, I will have to dig out that picture and show you what happened to it.

The next item I received was a pink camera, that is simple and far less complicated then our main camera for taking pictures of products. More or less it is for me to have fun with for taking pictures for this blog! I'm really picky about the color pink & what I will accept and I am loving this one!
Here is an adorable picture of one of our grandson's, Tyler sitting on Santa's lap! This is the first year he has not been scared to death of him. He knew exactly what he wanted for Christmas this year. I usually get all the toy catalogs I can find & have both grandsons mark what they want out of them & then I can use the ideas for their birthdays and some gifts even for next Christmas. They always tend to pick out things that are years a head of their age group.

Now everybody has probably been wondering what we got my mother that came in my junk mail?? My mother loves angel so we could not resist this Snow Angel Village! We bought her the first three pieces & it is absolutely gorgeous! I am collecting a Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Village Set and received the matching train set for it on my birthday! We were in need of a new table and some more accessories to set it up properly this year. Next Christmas will be the year to show it off!

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Have a Happy & Safe New Years!

Nathan & Linda

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